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SIC Mining Machines to favour the Afghan War Heroes


Afghan veterans currently work at each of seven SIC Mining Machines production companies. Most of them are employed at SvetShakhtera, Druzhkovsky factory and Krivorozhskiy machine building plant of mining equipment. They amount for 14, 13 and 11 people respectively. The combatants hold a remembrance parade in the center of Druzhkovka and laid flowers to the monument of Afghanistan soldier. Alexander Krivokon, Reengineering Director, when addressing his opening speech, emphasized that the company management appreciates heroic deeds of Afghan peacekeepers. “February 15 is a special day for those who endured the suffering and hardships of Afghan war” - he said. “Almost quarter century has passed since that time. But peacekeepers will carry an imprint of those tough times forever”.

State Awards Presentation became a dramatic moment of the meeting. Five workers were awarded with Peacekeeping Medals; one worker was awarded with Medal of Honor to Afghanistan War Veteran. Another 53 awards were Defender of The Motherland Medals and many other badges of honors of Ukraine and Russia.

Patriotic music band “Dolg” (Duty) presented a concert for veterans and their families. They played over fifteen songs about Soviet soldiers in Afghan. Finally the audience stood up to sing an informal anthem of the peacekeepers, the song “Vivat, shuravi”.

VasiliyFomenko the worker of Druzhkovsky engineering factory served in Afghan since 1983 till 1985 at the 350th Regiment of the 103d Guard Airborne Division. He would keep this meeting through the years: “I was glad to meet my fellow soldiers from another towns and factories, to share memories about our youth which we spent at a common battle-field. Of course, we commemorated our perished friends… The concert of music band “Dolg” awoke the vivid pictures of the past. Thank you, guys, for your songs».

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