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SIC Mining Machines to energize UMMC headed by AlisherUsmanov


New equipment produced by Donetsk Power Plant (an asset of SIC Mining Machines) will be installed at one of coal washing plants owned by UMMC. KTPV-type transformer substations of an explosion-proof design have rated power of 250kWt.А. and 400kWt.А. Total number of transformers supplied to different mining assets of UMMC in 2012 exceeds 20.

“We are proud to have Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company in our customer list,” Igor Fomenko, Sales and Marketing Director of Mining Machines, says. “Customers appreciate high quality and operational reliability of our equipment. Today we do our best to ensure full scope of after-sales and post-warranty maintenance and to launch additional options.” In particular, spare parts warehouse is currently opened in Novokuznetsk (Kemerovo region). Besides, servicemen team works in Ural-Siberia regions of Russia.

Starting from the last year, mining equipment in South regions of Russia could be repaired at Kamensky engineering factory (SIC Mining Machines).

The other customers of Mining Machines in Russia are Norilsk Nickel, EVRAZ, SUEK and others.

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