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SIC Mining Machines supplies full scope of longwall equipment for 1/3 Novgorodskaya coal mine.


“Our company puts maximum efforts to ease miner’s hard work and to promote production capacity increase,” says Alexander Kovalchuk, Shearing and Tunneling Equipment Division of SIC Mining Machines.

A unique innovation is AFC KSD 27 which is 330 m long, produced of HARDOX extra-hard steel.

“Using extra-hard steels we improve wear resistance by 1.5-1.8 times comparing to the conventional materials which subsequently increase lifetime,” Viktor Kuchma, General Director of Engineering Center of SIC Mining Machines pointed out.

“When commissioning new faces to increase production of “black gold” for the country, we shall always remember how hard the miners work is and shall do our best to promote mechanization of this work to minimize risks. New equipment will significantly increase wear-resistance of drag conveyors operating units which result into higher efficiency of the extraction process and promote new mining achievements,” Andrey Shyshatskiy, head of DonetskRegional State Administration highlighted.

“The staff of our coal mine appreciates endeavors of SIC Mining Machines to manufacture high quality mining equipment. We would like to mention a unique drag conveyor KSD27. I am glad that design engineering in Ukraine is so much sophisticated and that coal mines can be supplied with “turnkey” longwall equipment from local producer. It is an international practice,” announced Nikolay Galushcor, Director of 1/3 Novgorodskaya coal mine.

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