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SIC Mining Machines opens own Engineering and Technical Center for new mining equipment engineering


SIC Mining Machines opened Engineering and Technical Center (ETC) in Donetsk.

Viktor Kuchma who grew from designing engineer to chief designer and chief engineer in the largest Ukrainian heavy engineering enterprises , became the general director of ETC.

The main purpose of SIC Mining Machines ETC is to meet the company's need in designing and engineering. First of all it is engineering of new equipment in all product lines (shearers, powered roff supports, roadheaders, conveyors, hoisting equipment, ventilation units, wrenches, underground transport, electric equipment, open-pit equipment) and establishing complete cycle of mining equipment manufacture.

ETC will have all way through system of engineering which optimizes the work of designers and raises quality of preliminary work for manufacture process.

SIC Mining Machines ETC is planning to unite best designers of mining equipment. To achieve this SIC Mining Machines ETC will implement effective incentive system and system of young specialists training. The personnel of SIC Mining Machines ETC is planned to be over 700 people. Initial investments for the Center development will be more than UAH30 mio.

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