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SIC Mining Machines implement modern designing technologies


The technologies of end-to-end designing and parallel engineering, used by SIC Mining Machines, comprised the system forming with efficient data transition of the particular design stage to all further stages and the simultaneous product development, its manufacturing, and also means and methods of the further technical support in the equipment operation.

The innovations became possible due to active upgrading of the production facilities of SIC Mining Machines Works, namely, machine tool fleet renovation by means of CNC equipment (computerized and numeric control).

“End-to-end designing” system implementation, and later on the transition to “Parallel engineering” will allow improving the quality, reducing the time of development and technological support of new equipment manufacturing. On the basis of parallel engineering the idea of combined product designing has been put, as well as production and manufacturing processes support, which are coordinated by special design team, consisting of structural and process engineers, specialists in production area”, - indicated Andrey Denisov, the head of informational technologies department of engineering and technical center “Mining Machines”.

As SIC Mining Machines specialists mentioned, the application of new informational technologies guarantee the satisfying of all the Client requirements to the manufactured products from the design stage till its operation. 

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