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SIC Mining Machines equipment breaks a record again


Such a record was due to modern heading machinery that is KPD machine manufactured by SIC Mining Machines, and a professional work of coal miners.

"KPD deserved a good reputation in Ukrainian and Russian coal mines as a reliable, efficient tunneling machine and a record breaking equipment. For two years in a row modernized KPD sets a national record in heading", - Alexandr Kovalchuk, SIC Mining Machines Shearing and Tunneling Equipment Division director said.

The new generation of KPD machines has innovative design of conveyor articulated section, strengthened design of basic elements, longer operating member reducer's life and many other changes.

In August 2011 in Yuzhnodonbasskoe coal mines administration KPD set record of Ukraine in heading - 531 meters per month. The last record was held for 10 years since 2001.

This June KPD had Grand-prix of International industry fair Ugol Mining Russia. 

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