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SIC Mining Machines Druzhkovsky engineering factory provides additional transport for evening shifts


Starting from June 1 extra tram haul will be launched at a circular route around the works from railway station to the building of Municipal Gas Supply Service. “The rout was drawn up to cover the whole territory of the works, for this purpose location of gates and number of people working at different shops at late shifts was considered. Launching a new route helped the workers to get home easily,” said Anatoliy Selivanov, Chairman of the trade union committee.

According to administration of Druzhkovsky engineering factory, resolving the transport issue was the next step in the projects aimed at working conditions improvement.

“Employees are the core asset of SIC Mining Machines and it is crucial to improve their comfort and safety both at the workplace and outside the works territory, especially for those who work till late night,” Grigoriy Makhov, Director of the Works pointed out.

As previously reported, Druzhkovsky engineering factory has already carried out number of activities under Production Concentration Project aimed at improving social and working environment, such as provision of fresh water for all the workers on a regular basis.

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