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SIC Mining Machines and Krasnodonugol to promote cooperation


The amount of mining equipment supplied by SIC Mining Machines to Krasnodonugol (Metinvest Holding) in 2012 exceeded the figure of 2011 by 20 %.

In 2012 SIC Mining Machines delivered to Krasnodonugol the following longwall and infrastructural equipment: cutter-loaders KSh1KGU (2 off) and 1K101U (2 off), belt conveyors 1L800D and 1L1000D (10 off) and cage 1NОB400-6,6-02 type. Besides the company repaired GSh68 cutter-loader and UDK 200-250 shearers.

“Krasnodonugol was one of our first to place order for cutting and longwall equipment repair. I believe that miners are satisfied with our job and we will keep developing our cooperation step by step,” Igor Fomenko, Sales and Marketing Director of Mining Machines, says.

“Client focus and flexibility, together with high quality of repair and maintenance are key criteria in selecting service provider,” Igor Fomenko says – “That is why Mining Machines pays close attention to after-sales and post-warranty maintenance. The crucial step in efficiency improvement was to consolidate our sales, repair and customer services into the Trade Company. It will definitely enhance our responsiveness regarding our customers’ enquiries”.

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