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SCM Statement

SCM Statement

"We" means 300,000 employees of SCM Group. We have always worked on the principles of professionalism, transparency and democratic values. We want to live and work in a strong, united and independent Ukraine with a strong economy.

Our country has already started political transformations and called an early presidential election. These changes are taking place amid a challenging economic situation. The future of Ukraine will literally depend on the stability of the national economy in the next months.

Our companies continued to work despite the political crisis in the country. What can, should and will we be doing for Ukraine today? Firstly, we will meet our obligations to the society: ensure stable operations of our businesses, pay taxes to local and national budgets and pay salaries to our employees on time. It will help the country to go through the period of political instability and resetting of all the government branches. It will help the state to meet its social obligations to the citizens. It will help Ukraine to move forward. It will help us all to realise the potential of the country in the modern world.

We believe that Ukraine has a huge potential. We, just like all Ukrainians, strive to build a new country with established democracy and the rule of law that guarantee property protection, fair competition and social security.

To achieve this goal, we need to:

  • carry out reforms
  • introduce effective national governance mechanisms
  • significantly extend the powers of local governments
  • increase transparency and accountability of authorities to the civil society.

SCM is ready for a new coordinate system and prepared to work in it. We will help in every possible way to achieve the above goals for the sake of prosperity of Ukraine.

Oleg Popov
Chief Executive Officer
System Capital Management

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