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SCM Group Transfers Strategic Management of KrivoyRog Ore Mining Equipment Plant to Mining Machines


The SCM Group has transferred strategic management of KrivoyRog Ore Mining Equipment Plant (KZGO) to Mining Machines holding. Before the plant belonged to the Metinvest Group, which manages mining and metals business of the SCM Group. So, at present Mining Machines holding includes seven heavy engineering plants. "Considering the specific nature of the KZGO activity, we are confident it will integrate smoothly into the structure of a specialized heavy engineering holding. The executives of Mining Machines have management expertise in heavy engineering, which will help to realize all possible synergies, improve efficiency of operation and provide more capacities to the holding," noted SCM Director of New Business Development NikolayNesterenko. Mining Machines has created the infrastructure needed to develop KZGO's potential. Firstly, the engineering and technical center of the plant upgrades the existing equipment and designs new units. In addition, the plant ensures a single system of control over the product quality, service and distribution," stated CEO of Mining Machines YevgeniyRomaschin. 

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