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SCM Group: stable operation of our companies is a key to maintain peace and unity in Ukraine

SCM Group: stable operation of our companies is a key to maintain peace and unity in Ukraine

1. Employees of SCM Group businesses.

We ask you to remain calm, stay at your workplaces and work. In these challenging circumstances, stable operation of our businesses is what our cities, regions and country need most of all. This is our major shared responsibility to our fellow countrymen and to our future. Otherwise, the east will face destabilisation, economic collapse and devastation. Today, as never before, the present and the future of our families, our friends and all of Ukraine depend on our self-command and civic position.

2. All conflict parties.

Shots are being fired in the east of Ukraine killing and injuring people. Any shot, whoever takes it, is a shot at the future – the future of Donbass and the future of Ukraine. The east of Ukraine does not need an armed stand-off or a war. It needs peace, it needs new jobs and it needs economic growth to defeat poverty.

We ask you to abstain from violence and armed confrontation, and move to negotiations that must provide a peaceful solution. The peace and stability in the east of Ukraine and the whole country depend on it. Our common future cannot be built on mutual insults, humiliation and, above all, blood.

3. Media, activists of political parties and NGOs on the national and local levels.

SCM Group is doing everything it can to make Ukraine a strong country with good living conditions. We understand and accept the responsibility for ensuring that our businesses operate without any disruptions and stay out of politics.

We ask activists of political parties and NGOs not to drag SCM Group's businesses and our employees into a civil confrontation on any opposing side. Every call to take the Group’s employees onto the streets, every picket of our offices in Kiev and our companies in local regions, does not contribute to peace and unity. Instead, it contributes to escalation of the conflict in the east of Ukraine.

We ask media to check thoroughly the information regarding the position of SCM and its employees in the context of the events in Ukraine’s east. Any unverified word and any unverified information may result now in tragic consequences for the region and the country.

SCM Group businesses operate in 14 Ukrainian regions and employ over 320,000 people. About 2 million employees work at our partners’ companies. With their families, this makes more than 5 million people.

We want to live in a united, peaceful and successful Ukraine that is not divided into west and east, north and south.

Even in the current challenging situation we maintain our responsibility for the continuous operations of our businesses, our products, investment plans, obligations to our partners and employees and payment of taxes. We want every civil servant, every politician, every public activist and every journalist to realise that they hold equal personal responsibility for their words and actions as we do, every day and every hour.


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