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Repaired roof supports to have new paint


The use of this chamber will considerably reduce time and increase quality of painting operations. In particular it will be possible to apply modern types of base coatings, which have good characteristics of adhesion and mechanical resistance.

During the painting procedure all elements of support are hanged and moved along the chamber, which reduces the time of paining, the drying has 2 stages - preliminary blowing and enamel layer agglutination at the temperature nearly +80С. This will strengthen the protective characteristics of the covering.

Moreover in Q1 2013 Maintenance and Repair Facilities of Dryzhkovsky engineering factory will receive crane equipment, manufactured by “Podemcrane” (Bulgaria), and then special machines for parts surfacing.

Maintenance and Repair Facilities development is the important element under the developing strategy of SIC Mining Machines up to 2016. In particular, in 2012 three Maintenance and Repair Facilities were opened: shearing and tunneling equipment, powered roof support and other mining equipment. Thus SIC Mining Machines assists in maximum efficient usage of machinery and equipment. The distinctive feature of SIC Mining Machines Maintenance and Repair Facilities is in possibility to upgrade the machinery and equipment during its reconstruction. In particular, foreign power and driving hydraulic systems can be installed at the repaired and upgraded roof support that will help to increase the operational performance of equipment.

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