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Promising work for the best students


“For our Company the cooperation with educational institutions is strategically important for candidates’ pool formation and for Employer brand creation. We are collaborating with leading technical educational institutions of Eastern Ukraine, which are sure, that we have all necessary opportunities for good practical training of students”, - pointed out Nataliya Klimenko, HR-director of SIC Mining Machines.

«Krivorozhskiy machine building plant traditionally draws special attention to young specialists’ preparation. In particular, we organize the practical trainings for students. Those graduates, who will get positive feedback during the training, will be invited for work at our plant”,- indicated Mikhail Bulatetskiy, CEO of Krivorozhskiy machine building plant.

“Krivorozhskiy machine building plant has been collaborating with the University for more than 20 years. During this time we formed fruitful and friendly relations with the plant. It should be noted, that those students, who pass their practical training at this plant are ultimately involved in production process. Under the guidance of mentors they try to solve those tasks, which they will be faced in future. For most of them Krivorozhskiy machine building plant becomes the primary working place after graduation from the University”, - admitted Yevgeniy Bizyaev, deputy principal for practical trainings organization at Krivoy Rog National University.

During two months, which are devoted to practical trainings, students will learn the operating cycle of the plant, particular aspects of machine tool fleet operation and implemented modern technologies. The students will have the mentors, highly qualified specialists of the plant, which will assist in mastering of future profession peculiarities. The students can use their practical skills, received during trainings, not only at their future specialization, but in graduation project development.

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