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Presentation “Innovations in Mining Equipment from Mining Machines SIC” within Mining World Russia Exhibition


Top managers of the Company will represent the key advantages of cooperation: own engineering and upgraded equipment, product quality total control system, international network of representative office and consignment stores. You can ask questions to the Company’s representatives at the presentation, exchange experience and talk in unofficial atmosphere.

Speakers and Subjects of Reports:

1.  V.I. Krupitskiy, Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales: “Advantages of Cooperation of Coal Companies with Mining Machines SIC. Key Equipment for Russian Mines”.

2.    V.P. Kuchma, General Director of Engineering and Technical Centre Mining Machines: “Upgrading of Heading Equipment. Face Equipment Set for Thin Coal Seams”.

3. E.A. Nazarov, General Director of “Mining Machines – Quality System”: “Methods of Quality Increase – Earnest of Reliability of Mining Equipment Produced by Mining Machines SIC”.

We invite all persons to register for the event by pressing this reference information

Contact person: Yana Poda.

Telephone: +38 (050) 347-31-24


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