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Over 100 Students Trained at Corum Druzhkovskyi Machine-building Plant in 2015

Over 100 Students Trained at Corum Druzhkovskyi Machine-building Plant in 2015

“The scheme of young specialists’ training was developed at our plant long ago. At first, we invite students to information visits; then, they return to us to undergo production and graduation practical trainings. Over 200 students with various professions are trained at our plant every year. This is our contribution to maintenance of the country’s machine-building potential. By the way, every year our specialists are invited to be members of the diploma defence commission at Druzhkivka Vocational School of Donbas State Machine-building Academy. We are in charge of such areas of welding, material processing by means of machine tools and automated production lines”, Vladimir Dakhov, Director of Corum Druzhkovskyi Machine-building Plant, says.


Information about the plant

Corum Druzhkovskyi Machine-building Plant is a member of Corum Group and specialised in manufacturing mining machinery and equipment; our major products are powered supports for coal mining companies and underground vehicles (conveyors, electric locomotives and mine cars). The plant launched the manufacture specialised in assembling stationery and electric mining machinery and equipment. The plant has many years’ experience in operation for the mining industry and is famous among miners for the high quality and operational specifications of its machinery and equipment. Currently, the plant employs over one thousand people.

Corum Group is one of the largest manufacturers of machinery and equipment and suppliers of comprehensive solutions in the mining industry.

Corum Group today comprises: the Underground Mining Division, the Division of Projects in Infrastructure, the Open-pit Mining Division and the trading companies and representative offices in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Poland and China.

The Group’s key customers are 14 largest mining holdings, whose assets include 150 mines and pits. Corum’s machinery and equipment are operated at mining facilities in 15 countries of the world.

Financial performance during Quarter 1 of 2015: consolidated proceeds amounted to UAH 407.8 million (a 7.7% increase quarter to quarter), EBITDA – UAH 16.9 million (EBITDA margin 4.1). The share of export in the total sales volume is over 30%.

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