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About 800 meters out of a 3 km pipeline froze down at one of the conduits of Borodinovsky water intake of Kamensky Heavy Engineering Plant at 7 pm on 30 January 2014. 

All available workers of Kamensky Plant have been engaged in the mitigation of this accident. The emergency team quickly developed measures to eliminate the freezing. As of 11 am on 31 January, 400 meters of the conduit have been recovered. The constant supply of drinking water to the population has also been restored. As 400 meters more are still to be recovered, the water pressure in the pipeline has been reduced from five to three atmospheres.

The conduit of Kamensky Plant supplies water to the border of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, where it is further distributed via municipal networks. A large part of them is not operating property due to the accident, a lot of pipe systems cannot be filled up with water and the operation of boiler houses cannot be maintained.

In order to prevent accidents at municipal boilers and make up their water reserves, every 2 hours emergency vehicles are allowed to enter Kamensky Heavy Engineering Plant to be filled with water, which will be transported to the boilers. 

The administration of the plant applies its best efforts to eliminate the cause of the accident.

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