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Number of orders grows in SvetShakhtera Kharkov enterprise (in SIC Mining Machines)


GennadiyVysotskiy, the Chairman of the Board of SvetShakhtera is sure that in the nearest furture the enterprise will have new clients among Ukrainian and foreign mining companies. He noted that the more active in foreign markets SIC Mining Machines is, the more orders for AFCs and ploughs - the basic enterprise production will be.

As Igor Fomenko, Mining Machines Marketing and sales director, noted before "the company has completed building the sales infrastructure and now we are active in the traditional markets of Russia and Kazakhstan. Besides that, our project in Vietnam is very active and we see good opportunities to expand our activity in this country. In the following two years SIC Mining Machines is going to enter Poland, India, China and SAR markets. We can offer equipment manufactured in Kharkov enterprise".


Armoured Face Conveyor SP251.14-113.01 is 200m long and has capacity of 3Х110 kWt, it is used in combination with UDK400 mining machine and roof support KD80 manufactured by Mining Machines.

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