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New partner bank to provide payroll program at CJSC Gorlovsky engineering works and Private JSC Gorlovsky engineering works


The benefits provided for the works’ employees are wide network of partner banks ATMs which allow cash withdrawal with no fee charged and provide cashflow SMS info service. It also enables online monitoring of account balance and credit limit. Besides, internet banking services are currently available. The workers can withdraw cash from Sberbank of Russia ATMs while business trips around Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

“We were searching for the most favorable banking for our employees. Sberbank of Russia provides multiple ATM cash-out opportunities, salary accounting and other popular card services and transactions. We appreciate flexibility and responsiveness of the Bank to our needs as well as quality of the services it provides,” Marina Grashchenkova, Head of Corporate Finance Department, comments on partnership.

“Being one of our major clients, Mining Machines Group requires full range of our services. We recognize that the works’ employees are highly professional and diligent, so we are glad to provide them with the most favorable banking terms,” highlighted Andrey Petrenko, Manager of PJSC Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia in Donetsk.

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