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Modernization at SIC Mining machines plant increases productivity 10%


The plant manufactured a number of units and parts for rotary section of the excavator, which includes rotor drive and wheel, 9 buckets and intermediary belts. All parts of the section were designed and manufactured regarding big loads on these parts during excavator operation. It was a necessity because the modernization planstipilated for the installation of a driver with more capacity.

As the result not only the performance of the equipment improved but the control became more convenient: the monitoring of all systems performance was improved. This gave more control over mining process.

The rotary excavator which was 35 years in operation had a new life. The first month of operation proved the effectiveness of modernization - the productivity increased by 10% In summer the moderniztion of the second excavator will take place. The reducer, drive and rotor wheel as well as the buckets, belts and a number of other parts will be substituted. All these parts have been manufactured by Donetskgormash and delivered to coal miners.

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