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Mining Machines wins the Gold for complex solutions at UgolRossii& Mining 2013 trade fair


This solution can connect all longwall equipment in an optimal way providing maximum output up to 5 thou tonnes of coal per day. As YevgeniyRomashchin mentioned "lots of coal mines including those in Kuzbass have already faced the problem to mine not broad but also narrow seams. Our solution can help miners to utilize all reserves. I am confident that miners will need our new equipment. Besides, up to date automated elements used in the equipment will improve safety for miners and be competitive advantage". The "core" of the set is longwall machine УКД-400, having worked in Ukrainian and Russian coal mines, the machine has become more efficient due to new drives for cutters, improved reducers and strengthened and simplified support mechanism and gantry. The set includes powered roof support 09 ДТ sections and scraper conveyor СП 325. The board of experts gave high appraisal of Mining Machines equipment. Therefore УКД-400 was awarded with silver and roadheaderКПУ – with gold medal. Mining Machines also unveiled new automated devices and showed remote controls for equipment (roadheadersКПД and КПУ), and also remote control of operational parameters of working equipment from gallery (УДК-400 mining machine). As Igor Fomenko, marketing and sales manager, pointed out, "despite the complicated situation in the market connected with coal prices fall, our company is confident in prospective in the Russian market and this fair in Novokuzmetsk is a good possibility once again to show clients our potential. In 2012 our sales of our Russian affiliated company - Mining Machines - Rus increased 30 %. We consider the same increase to be in 2013. Besides that we try to develop our service business - we offer our clients maintenance and repairs of their equipment during warranty period and after it expires". Mining Machines equipment covered 500 square meter in the fair trade, the company brought 20 samples of mining equipment. All showed samples were contracted for operation at the Russian mines and open-pits.

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