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Mining Machines supports social infrastructure development


Children recreational center Iskorka located in Svyatogorsk has become one of the best recreational facilities in Ukraine. For the past three years the center has been refurbished completely: the buildings have been renewed, the new furniture and equipment bought, the gym with modern training simulators and computer center opened, the center also has a waterslide. This year the Mining Machines company refurbished residential and gaming buildings, the diner and decorated the territory. Besides that the amount for children's catering given by Social insurance was increased twice.

During summer holidays children has visited Iskorka for sixty years. They are children from Mining Machines employees families and also students from different parts of Ukraine. The company establishes new traditions and keeps those which have existed in the center over fifty years.

"We are proud that every summer our children can have a rest in the best recreational center of Svyatogorsk. We invest not only in social infrastructure development, but in our future - health and welfare of our children", – Anna Adom, HR and Corporate communications director of SIC Mining Machines.

The full board with quality six-times a day food gives children a possibility to strengthen the health and to get all necessary vitamins. A lot of attention is devoted to the character building work. Highly qualified specialists work with children: tutors, counselors, studio leaders. The center's staff try to bring miracle into children's lives. It goes along with bright impressions, new acquaintances and curing forest air.

Each day is full with bright events and Iskorka's anniversary became the brightest this summer. The festive ceremony was organized to the occasion with a concert and laser show. Children prepared good theatrical performance. Young singers sang songs and counselors impressed the audience with the number of dances. All children received gifts.

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