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Mining Machines SIC Held Practical Conference “Innovations in Mining Equipment” with the framework of the 15th Exhibition “Mining World Russia”


The conference was opened by Valery Krupitsky, Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales, who spoke on “Benefits of Cooperation of Coal Companies with Mining Machines SIC. Key Equipment for Russian Mines”.“Several advantages are marked out among advantages received by Russian mining companies. These are equipment packaged supplies of equipment from one supplier and timely provision of warranty service”, Valery Krupitskysaid.

Key equipment for the Russian market was presented for participants of the conference: MDT face equipment set, KPD and MPR roadheaders, hoisting drum machines, KTPV transformer substations, main fans, LVU25 and LV45 winches, mine vehicles and bucket wheel excavators.

Victor Kuchma, General Director of Engineering and Technical Center Mining Machines told about upgrading of heading equipment and progressive face equipment set for thin coal seams: “Upgraded production systems for rapid drivage of workings allow providing their drivagerates up to no less than 20 meters per day, increasing the machine time factor of shearer from 0.35 to 0.6, and also following all safety rules at work to the maximum extent.

Engineering and Technical Centre Mining Machines has already improved shearer system, drilling and loading system, KPR, KPD, KPU, BPR drilling and loading machine and MPR ripping-loading machine.

New roadheaders cover almost the whole range of mining and geological conditions of Ukrainian and Russian mines. New versions of roadheadersprovide an opportunity of their prompt equipage with detachable and towing equipment with different packages for complex solving of all issues concerning drivage cycle.

Serious work was carried out by designers of Engineering and Technical Centre Mining Machines on upgrading face equipment set for mining thin seams. It was composed of UKD400 shearer, 09DT powered roof support and SP26U-64scraper conveyor, which allows achieving the production index on thin and very thin coal seams (0.8 -1.2 m) up to 5,000 tons per day and on the seams 2m - up to 10 thousand tons. Conveyor and shearer life allowsmining a panel to work not less than 1,000 m in size or 1 million tons of coal. An opportunity to control the shearer from an entry or through radio channel, as well as electro-hydraulic control system of roof support and chainless haulage system allow increasingsignificantly the safety of works in production face.

The session of reports was finished by Eduard Nazarov, Director of “Mining Machines - Quality System”, who told about strict quality control system implemented by the enterprises of Mining Machines.

“Mining Machines - Quality System” provides the required set of studies: from income control of raw materials and components to final acceptance of an item.

At present, factory laboratories undergo certification, certification of personnel, implementation of efficient control methods, purchase of up-to-datecontrol and test equipment. We also involve famous international inspection companies for quality control. I would like to emphasize that we issue a products quality certificate not only for each finished item, but also for individual parts and assemblies. This confirms the validity of manufactured products and their compliance with all quality standards”, Eduard Nazarovunderlined.

New forms of quality certificates have a high level of protection and are strictly accountable documents. Each form has its own unique serial number. Certificate is sealed by manufacturer’s stamps and stamps of “Mining machines - Quality System”.

Upon completion of the reports participants put questions to the speakers of Mining Machines and got detailed answers. The next similar event for existing and potential customers of Mining Machines SIC will be held within the framework of the exhibition “Coal of Russia and Mining 2011”, from 7 to 10 June in Novokuznetsk (Kemerovo Oblast, Russia). 

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