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Whole implementation of project is expected to take about three years. Project’s aim is maximal capacity utilization of production sites of the Company. Such method will enable to reduce spent and production cost and increase labor productivity and maintain production output. As a result of the project implementation the Company aims to free a number of sites with good infrastructure for developing new productions, which are presently not engaged in principal activity of enterprises. As a responsible national investor, the Company takes active position in searching and attraction of investors for organizing productions which would not compete with Company’s principal activity, would be hi-tech, and would utilize existing infrastructure and human potential of the sites on the maximal rate. This will sufficiently activate business environment, promote job creation and inflow of investments and appearing of new development vectors. There is also an option of reclamation of empty production sites and consigning them to municipal bodies for further attraction of investors and organization of productions or for other purposes – utilizing area for municipal infrastructure objects, building commercial and residential realty, developing recreation zones for city population and other useful purposes. Taking into account the fact that most major players of the market prefer to get the entity with all necessary assets and licenses, the Company is ready to offer examined in detail structure of project implementation. Thus, Rotem Ukraine was established as a platform for implementation “key-ready” invest-project. Should the negotiations be successful, all the components of this project will be consigned to Hyundai Rotem. Mining Machines feel responsibility for economical development of the region and intent to continue their open and transparent work upon this project.

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