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Mining Machines - Rus passes the test of KINGCOAL YUG in terms of repairs quality


The management of KINGCOAL thinks that manufacturer's repair can solve economic efficiency, timing issues as well as the not less important issues of quality and safety of miners' labor. During overhaul of powered roof support all parts were totally rehabilitated. "On commissioning repaired equipment we are very concerned about quality. Mining Machines passed this test. In general we are very satisfied with the quality of work and time", – AlexandrIgnatenko, technical director of KINGCOAL YUG ltd. said. "After sale service is one of the strategic trend of the company growth. We offer our partners only authentic spare parts which ensures high quality repairs and minimum time. Thus we build longterm partnership with our clients, we have comprehensive approach to their issues in mining offering them safe, reliable, efficient equipment as well as quality after sales service", – YuriyLevankov, TC Mining Machines -Rus director summarized. After this order completed the South affiliated office of Mining Machines -Rus LLC will rehabilitate 138 section of powered roof support 3КД 90Т for Almaznaya coal mine which is in KINGCOAL group.

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