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Mining Machines Reports 1H 2012 Financials


September 20 the repair shop of Kamensky Engineering plant delivered 168 sections of powered roof support KD90T for longwall N301 of Dalniya coal mine.

"DTEK is our strategic business partners and we value the cooperation with it. We realized the importance of this contract for our client and to complete it in due time and with due quality the Mining machines company implemented a number of actions", - Igor Fomenko, SIC Mining Machines Sales and Marketing director said.

The best company's designers, engineers and manufacturers took part in the Dalniya coal mine order. The good quality of power hydraulics was achieved because of equipment for chrome plating installed in the shop for chroming details of sleeve assembly.

As a part of after-sales service development - one of the direction of five-year strategy plan of Mining Machines this year in KEP the repair shop was established for mining companies of Rostov and Belgorod regions. Today the affiliated office of Mining Machines RUS trade company is actively developing, attracting highly-qualified specialists and managers from Rostov region.

The repair shop establishment gave the work for Kamensky Engineering plant capacities. After the production concentration the shops have developed infrastructure and this allows in short time use the existing machinery for new businesses. As an example, to manufacture equipment and parts for different industries: agriculture, automobile, chemical and other. KEP has the opportunities to develop logistic service (railways and roadways and free space for product storage) and metalworks. In particular manufacture metalware, isolation valves, cutting tools.

The Mining Machines company with the Government of Rostov region are currently searching for the investor to start new businesses on free capacities. 

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