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Mining Machines Opens a Trade Company in Russia


YuriiLevankov, former Business Director of Belon, has been appointed the CEO of Mining Machines RUS. "It is logical and complies with our strategy to establish a representative office with headquarters in Moscow. Today the turnover of goods between Russia and Ukraine exceeds USD 50bn. The share of heavy engineering products in Ukraine's total export to Russia makes about 30%. Having analysed the economic situation in Russia and the world trends we have come to the decision that it is the right time to strengthen our position in the region. According to our strategy we plan to increase our share in sales of equipment and supply of complex solutions and aftersales service," stated the CEO of Mining Machines YevgeniyRomashchin. Director of Mining Machines RUS YuriiLevankov believes that experience and technologies of Mining Machines are highly sought after at the Russian market: "Russian mining companies start developing low-coal and ultra-low coal deposits, which require special modern equipment. Mining Machines is one of very few producers of such equipment in the world. In particular, these are UKR400 and KDK500 shearers, which have a good track record of operation in difficult mining and geological conditions."

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