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Mining Machines Manufactures Fans to Operate in Permafrost Zone


The company's equipment will provide necessary environment with parameters required for mining operations in the working tunnels. The engine speed regulation system will ensure high efficiency of a wide range of ventilation modes.

Igor Fomenko, Director of Marketing and Sales at Mining Machines, noted: "Our cooperation with Vorkutaugol is a long-lasting one. We are ready to offer the miners from Vorkuta geological and industrial region a wide choice of equipment and provide proper servicing."


Centrifugal fans deliver air to mines and can be used in ventilation systems of large steel, chemical, textile and other industrial businesses (for example, blast-furnace, foundries, rolling and other plants). To operate the equipment, a ventilation building is being constructed next to the mine.

The fan has a maximum static efficiency of 0.87 (the highest among centrifugal and axial fans produced by Mining Machines) and rotates 125-500 times per minute. It has a 2х3150 kW electric engine and weighs

71 tonnes excluding electric equipment.

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