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Mining Machines Kharkov plant enters Russian market


This year Kharkov enterprises has had a new customer - the Russian coal mining company Zamchalovskyantracite, located in Rostov region. The company placed an order for AFC SP 251 and a beam stage loader.

The equipment of Kharkov enterpise will be used in two faces of coal mine Obukhovskoe (Rostov region), SIC Mining Machines won the bids for equipment. SvetShakhtera enterprise has manufactured a gathering and armoured face conveyors as well as beam stage loaders and crushers.

The enterprise also manufactured the conveyor SP 250.12-54 for another new customer - Donskoyantracitecoal company. The equipment is used for entry mining. AFC is 150m long and has capacity of 2х55 kWt and reinforced driver frame. The manufacture started in this January and in February the conveyor was timely delivered to the client.

GennadiyVysotskiy, the director of SvetShakhtera is glad that the enterprise has new clients among Ukrainian and foreign mining companies. He is sure that the more active in foreign markets SIC Mining Machines is, the more orders for AFC and ploughs
- the basic enterprise production will be.

In its turn Igor Fomenko, Mining Machines Marketing and sales director, noted that "the company has completed building the sales structure and now we are active in the traditional markets of Russia and Kazakhstan. Besides that our project in Vietnam is very active and we can expand our activity in this country. In following two years SIC Mining Machines is going to enter Poland, India, China and SAR markets. We can offer equipment manufactured in Kharkov enterprise".

In 2011 SvetShakhtera exported production in Russia, Belarus and Estonia. Apart from three conveyors the enterprise supplied spare parts: hydraulic clutches, reducers, pans, etc.


Kharkov enterprise joined SIC Mining Machines in December, 2012. YevgeniyRomashchin, the general director of the company, is convinced that it strengthened the competitive advantages of Mining Machines that would increase the export sales volume of the enterprise.

SvetShakhtera will be concentrated on manufacturing AFCs and ploughs because the enterprise has had expertise in such production for many years. According to Mr. Romashchin "concentration of the production of SIC Mining Machines gives stable high quality of the equipment and offers clients best price-quality ratio products".

НSIC Mining Machines representative offices in Russia, Kazakhstan and Vietnam and active company's policy to penetrate new markets will increase the export sales of Kharkov enterprise products. Besides that, SIC Mining Machines maintenance service provides quality under and post guarantee service of manufactured equipment.

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