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Mining Machines’ equipment breaks records in sinking


“We understand that equipment efficiency and labor safety improving are the most topical issues for present mining industry. Therefore, our company extensively implements new technologies and quickly addresses the growing needs of our customers. Thus, recently we delivered our new product – cutting front complex KNF. This equipment will enable miners to make stables for longwall set of equipment and initiate new mining face twice faster”. – remarked Evgeniy Romashchin, Mining Machines CEO, and ensured that the established record is not the last. According to Alexander Rogulskiy, the headman, this achievement became possible due to well-organized supply, reliable machine and high spirit of personnel. “We had the task to put new face in commission as soon as possible. We did our best and the equipment didn’t get in wrong” -- shared his impressions ViacheslavDerkach, the mine-captain. The delegation of representatives of Coal Mining Associations and the representatives of Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining Industry congratulated mine’s personnel with that high achievement.

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