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Mining Machines Druzhkovsky Engineering Factory has marked 120th anniversary


Today Mining Machines Druzhkovsky Engineering Factory is one of the leaders in terms of production capacity in Donetsk region. Among the Factory's clients there are big national companies DTEK, Metinvest, Donetskstal, Russian companies Donugol. Yuzhkuzbassugol and Belarus company Belaruskali. Observing the strategic development of Mining Machines holding Druzhkovsky Factory employs more than two thousand people, provides competitive remuneration and social benefits, and improves labor condition and safety. The Factory conducts training courses for the next generation of employees. Dozens of teenagers have a chance to get their first working experience in the facilities of the Factory. Mining Machines Druzhkovsky Engineering Factory always in position to improve the living conditions of townspeople. The Factory carries out different social and charity projects, supports the veterans, children from orphanages and young students, promotes and supports healthy life and sport. The town palace of culture Etyud hosted the Gala party dedicated to the anniversary of the Factory. The top management of Mining Machines, representatives of Donetsk Region Administration and Druzhkovka town council came to welcome the Factory employees. On this official and solemn ceremony the employees were awarded with state awards, national, regional and local government Letters of thanks. Some of the employees had the corporate award - Best Employee for conscientious work and important contribution to company development. The party ended with festive standing meal and the performance of the Merited Performing Artist of Ukraine VitalyKozlovsky.

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