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Mining Machines Creates a Service Company


"Our goal is to help our clients to improve safe operation of equipment, technical availability ratio and supply full package of original spare parts in a timely fashion. By cooperating with our clients we help them to ramp up the volume and quality of production." At the first stage Service Company Mining Machines will be dealing with inspection and maintenance of mining equipment during a warranty period as well as with supply of spare parts. In early 2012 the company will begin to widen its range of services at the expense of overhauls and after-sales maintenance. The CEO of Service Company Mining Machines AleksandrShcherbakov noted one more important fact in addition to after-sales service: "Due to client engagement we keep learning and see every challenge as an opportunity to improve either our services or documents. The Service Company will send information about clients' wishes to Engineering and technical centre, which we expect to be taken into account to improve the next versions of the equipment. Thus, on the one hand, the company will be cutting the cost of services for its clients and, on the other hand, it will use the service system to improve the quality of products." The CEO of Service Company Mining Machines AleksandrShcherbakov worked in senior positions at Zeppelin Ukraine before joining Mining Machines. Over ten years MrShcherbakov was engaged in development of TOYOTA automotive and industrial business in Ukraine. Later he created a network of TOYOTA industrial equipment, Komatsu construction and mining equipment and Bomag road machinery.

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