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Mining Machines Awarded Grand-Prix at Russian Coal and Mining Exhibition


The equipment of Mining Machines won three awards. The jury headed by Viktor Nekrasov, professor, Doctor of Technology and member of the Academy of Mining Sciences awarded the roadheader KPD with Grand Prix. Shearer KDK500 received a bronze medal in category Best Exhibit and Powered Supports 2DTR won silver. The jury determined winners by such criteria as innovations, technical specifications of equipment, design and operation.

"Our equipment has gained high scores from mining experts for the second year in a row. Heavy engineering is a highly competitive market today and the quality of equipment, innovations and technical properties are at the core of success", said Yevgeniy Romashchin, CEO of Mining Machines. He added, "The appraisal at the exhibition confirmed that Ukrainian heavy engineering can compete with the leading global producers. The quality of our products contributes to the business development of our customers. The recognition of experts and the visitor interests to our equipment signal the trust to our products and its high export potential".

The jury choice was confirmed by sale of KPD roadheader to Promuglesbyt mine. The machine was delivered to Razrez Inskoy company straight after the exhibition and will start to work in the mine by the end of June.

"Our customer will remember participation of Mining Machines in the exhibition. We showed modern machinery, held an academic and research conference and presented our office in Russia," said Yuriy Levankov, Director of Mining Machines RUS. "The exhibition proved actual interest of Russian mining businesses to the equipment produced by Mining Machines. I believe that KPD will help Razrez Inskoy to achieve strong production performance."

We remind that Mining Machines displayed its 20 products on 500 square metres - the biggest area at the exhibition.

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