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Mining machinery manufacturing joins the high-priority Ukrainian Economy branches


The Prime-Minister indicated that nowadays Ukrainian government prepare the real actions programme, which improves the domestic production, conduct structural reforms in important branches of economy, support Ukrainian exporters. Different forms of financial assistance will be implemented, including state guarantees and direct state investments. NikolayAzarov also named the mining equipment manufacturing as the high-priority industry.

IldarSaleyev admitted that mining equipment manufacturing has a considerable potential of growth in Ukraine. There are a number of reasons: infrastructure for the manufacturing activity, historical relation with countries-consumers, scientific and technical potential. However while competing with global players at the domestic market and in other countries, SIC Mining Machines faces the problem when foreign rival companies are using state assistance and the possibility to use the export and import financing.

IldarSaleyev also focused on the necessity to develop effective mechanisms for the cooperation with Eurasian Economic Commission. Among the key directions for the cooperation with Customs Union States he indicated the participation in the development and implementation of the new technical standards and regulations. Till the end of 2013 nearly 30 new regulations will be approved and Ukrainian exporters should be ready for that. “It is necessary to react swiftly for all the changes in this sphere in order to keep our positions at Customs Union States markets”, - admitted IldarSaleyev .

On behalf of SIC Mining Machines IldarSaleyev expressed the readiness to participate in the further activities for concretization and practical application of programmes, adopted by the State under public and private partnership. 

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