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Mining Machine keeps more than 80% Ukrainian coal mines in operation


This issue is very important not only for Ukraine, but also for such large coal producers as Russia, China, Belarus, Poland and Vietnam because with the same rates of coal production it will be depleted in 200 years. Ukraine has a very tough conditions for minerals mining: 74% of estimated reserves of coal are in thin and ultra thin seams from 0,55 to 0,8 m and 26% seams only are more than 1,2 m. Apart from that according to forecasts the specific share of coal in global energy consumption will be 28% by 2030, and its global consumption will increase 74% (compared with 2004). At the same time by 2021 the world total coal mining from thin seams will grow by more than one billion tonnes (from 1,7bntonnes (2006) to 2,73 bntonnes (est 2021). It gives active mining of thin seams which have not been mined before because of their little capacity. According to IldarSaleyev Mining Machines equipment for thin seams manufacturing is not a challenge but a habitual operation. The company has had over eighty year experience of equipment manufacturing for thin seams since the first cutter was manufactured in Gorlovsky Engineering Works in 1927. It is the fact that our equipment was a sample for lots of world companies. Including Joseph Joy - the founder of Joy Mining Machinery - one of the largest company manufacturing mining equipment, who used the experience of mining in Donbass before starting the company. "We are experts in this field, we work successfully in tough geological conditions and we are ready to share our experience with the companies in Ukraine and all over the world, " - the Mining Machines Strategy Director stated.

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