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Meeting of Representatives of Mining Machines SIC and Sadkinskoye Mine Office (Russia) Took Place


According to the statistics data the longwall face at Sadkinskoye Mine Office is among the first tens of production headings in Russian, which output is more than 3,000 t/day. A number of longwall faces equipped with German, English, Polish and Czech equipment are ahead. At the same time, the average thicknes of the coal seam at Sadkinskoye Mine Office is 1.8 m, while production headings, which achieved some larger outputs, mine the seams 2.5-4 m thick. The average daily load on the longwall face is more than 4,500 t/day and the maximum one is 9,487 t/day.

The main design and technical features of a shearer are as follows:

  • rigid housing in the form of box-type power frame;
  • block design of basic assemblies of the shearer;
  • availability of the cooling system for cutting gearboxes;
  • frequency transducer of the feed mechanism's regulated electrical drive is installed on the shearer;
  • availability of basic assemblies' diagnostics and control system;
  • display indication of process and diagnostic information;
  • capacity of the shearer was increased to 18 t/min;
  • increase of the cutting drive power consumption to 600 kW;
  • reduction of labor intensity for maintenance and routine repairs at the expense of availability and convenient mounting-demounting of individual blocks without connection distortion of main parts of the shearer.

Technicians of the mine wished to continue the cooperation with Mining Machines SIC on issues of deliveries of powered roof supports and shearers.

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