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Maintenance of mining equipment. SIC Mining Machines opens repair workshop at Gorlovsky engineering works


“Development of after-sales services is one of core strategy initiatives of our company. We aim to creation of spare parts, overhauls and maintenance supply infrastructure. Shearing and tunneling equipment repair workshop is one more step towards this goal. We guarantee to our customers that any repair is provided in strict compliance with manufacturing specifications and using original spare parts. Our company provides repair and maintenance services for shearing and tunneling equipment as well as powered roof support sections which is determined by steady demand for these areas,” Alexander Kovalchuk, Director of Shearing and Tunneling Equipment Division of SIC Mining Machines noted.

New facility allows overhauling up to 70 mining machines per year. Average overhaul duration is estimated to be 2-3 months.

Project investments amount to UAH 17 mio (ex VAT), one third of the total sum covers process equipment purchase. Installation of overlay welding machines designed by E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine allows expanding the range of parts to be repaired. It allows cutting production costs and will subsequently result into much favorable prices for our customers.

In 2013 repair facilities will be equipped with additional test benches for total sum over UAH 1 mio.

New repair facilities provided additional 130 workplaces for Gorlovka citizens. “Ones the project capacity is reached the total number of employees will increase up to 220. Please note that the initiative triggered 130 workplaces which had never been foreseen before. We will provide competitive salary and benefit package for all the employees,” Konstantin Kryukov, General Director of Gorlovsky engineering works announced.

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