KZGO (SPC «Mining Machines Ltd») has finalized the project on electric energy savings


According to received data, due to implementing of a new lay out for drying and heating of steel casting ladles in the steel shape- casting shop, the savings of natural gas in 2011 amounted to 740 thousand m³ which is the equivalent of 2mln. 237 thousand hryvnas.«First of all, in our investments, we focus on those projects which will not only enable us to improve the efficiency of production, but also will affect the quality of our products», - stressed Ildar Saleyev, Director on strategy and investments of SPC « Mining Machines». In the course of the project, the replacement of burners has been done, the design of the four heat insulation umbrellas has been changed and the recuperators have been installed on smoke chimneys. A new stand for heating has been equipped with a recuperation system for exhaust gases and °utomatic control system of heating which prevents ladles from overheating and which consequently decreases the consumption of gas, heat insulation umbrellas will also prevent emission of heat into the atmosphere.