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Кrivorozhskiy machine building plant of mining equipment is implementing the project which will enable the plant to reduce the self-cost of molding by149%


As it was reported earlier, in March of 2011 , the first stage of the said production line was put into operation. 4 450 tons of quality castings has been produced since that period. Last week the erection of 5 coordinates wood cutting machine was completed . The machine was designed for producing mold sets and it would enable the plant to improve the quality, and consequently, the durability of molding sets. The main purpose of implementation of vacuum- film- molding production line SVFMPL – is to reduce the costs of casting and to enhance the competitiveness of the plant’s products. Apart from that, there are some additional features of the line which will ensure: improvement of quality of castings and a potential of widening of the range of produced castings and highly efficient products. «Transfer to vacuum-film technology of molding will enable KZGO to transfer to a new technology the bigger part of existing amounts of casting. Self-cost of molding with the use of a vacuum- film- molding production line, in comparison with existing running lines, should be reduced by 149%», - stressed General director of the machine building plant Mikhail Bulatetskiy.

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