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KNF Stable Hole Machine Discussed in Moscow

KNF Stable Hole Machine Discussed in Moscow
Saleev described modern methods that are used to develop installation chambers for powered longwall mining equipment sets. He also talked about the ways to increase productivity, when preparing face entries for the longwall development of thin coal seams by using KNF stable hole machines. 

It should be noted that the KNF front end stable hole machine, which was described earlier in detail, is the first machine of the kind. Currently it has no competitors in thin coal seams mining. "Corum understands that it is important to improve the productivity of equipment and the safety of miners," said Saleev. "That is why we diligently introduce new technologies and quickly respond to market demand and growing needs of our customers. Increased productivity and speed make it possible to develop installation chambers and commission longwalls in half the time," he added. 

The event was organized by the reputable mining journal Gluckauf Mining Report during the international scientific symposium Miner's Week 2014. 

The round table gathered mining engineering companies and equipment manufacturers and suppliers from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Norway, United States, Australia and Japan (EVRAZ, MECHEL, SUEK, Colmar, BARTEC, General Electric, Russian Coal, Severstal, etc.). All attendees had an opportunity to discuss topics important to the modern mining industry.

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