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Improved UKD400 Shearer Produced by Mining Machines SIC helped KrasnyPartizan Mine to fulfil Coal Extraction Plan


According to specialists of KrasnyPartizan Mine new UKD400 shearer has no analogues among up-to-date shearers for mining thin seams above 0.85 m thick. Today, shearer output achieves 4,200 t/day, however, this is not the limit value of UKD400 shearer output at stable capacity and operation of the company's transportation chain. The average output capacity of UKD400 shearer at KrasnyPartizanMine is 5 t/min taking into account end operations.

Notwithstanding stable indices of the shearer operation, specialists of Mining Machines SIC conduct continuous dialogue with miners as to opportunities of the shearer improvement for different operational conditions and equipment of longwall face, warranty overhaul period and life cycle increase. Today, Mining Machines SIC can propose a warranty overhaul period for new UDK400 shearers up to 1 million tons. In order to increase equipment life cycle, clients may use maintenance services of “Service Company - Mining Machines”.

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