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How to make heavy engineering more competitive? A Mining Machines version


Ildar Saleyev, the SIC Mining Machines Strategy Director, presented a speech "Service facilities opening as a trend of heavy-engineering business development" As the experience of global leaders in mining equipment manufacturers shows the development of service maintenance programmes and wide range of after-sales solutions can raise the company's value significantly. As the result the large market players have EV to EBITDA ratio is on average 10, at the same time companies with underdeveloped maintenance service this value is almost twice as low.

The after-sales business development is a one of the strategic goals for SIC Mining Machines development: since 2010 this segment share in gross income has been growing steadily. "We expect that by 2016 the income from maintenance service will be more than double. This will be possible because of authentic spare parts, opening of repair facilities and transition to post guarantee service", - Ildar Saleyev, Mining Machines Strategy Director noted.

One more factor how to raise the competitiveness of Ukrainian heavy engineering was in human capital development explained by Anna Adom, the Mining Machines HR Director. In the presentation "Support of talented young engineers: Mining Machines experience Anna presented several cases which were implemented successfully by the company.

"Industrial sector which is one of the drivers of Ukrainian economy growth is in difficult stage of intellectual potential recovery. Effective competition in global markets requires balance of all age groups: from young specialists to skilled experts. But heavy engineering companies in the country have scarcity of qualified specialists aged 35-40, who can match experience of senior experts with modern technologies. In this connection different forms of staff internal education and development come to the fore. At the same time it is very important to find non-typical approaches to attract youth to the real sector of economy", – Anna Adom thinks.

Mining Machines has the forms of interaction with Ukrainian universities as the opening of affiliated offices of Donbass State Engineering Academy in the company enterprises, organization of internship and in-field trainings for students. "A unique initiative of Mining Machine is the award of the best student-engineers - the winners of professional contests, with "Golden contracts" which means employment in the company enterprises", – Anna Adom said. 

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