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Guarantee Overhaul Period Increased for Mining Equipment Produced by Mining Machines Group


The new guarantee overhaul period is applied both to vehicles already in operation, and new models. It is significantly increased for some items. In particular, the guarantee overhaul period for KDK500 and KDK700 shearers is increased by 100% and 266 %, respectively, KPD roadheader – by 25%, KSD27 scraper conveyor - by 41%, transformer substations – y 50%. “We make our best efforts for its products to meet and exceed the expectations of the most exacting customers. The increase of the guarantee overhaul period of equipment will help them to save money and improve business profitability”, Maxim Nekrasov, Marketing and Sales Director of Mining Machines SIC said. The increase of the guarantee overhaul period was made possible due to a number of activities carried out Mining Machines Group. They include upgrading of units, assemblies and products as a whole by designers of the Engineering and Technical Centre Mining machines; 100 % input control of supplied materials and components; increase of load-bearing capacity of items at the expense of design changes and use of high-strength materials; use of bearings with high life cycle and reliability, as well as sealing elements in power hydraulics and gear groups; products certification by “Mining Machines SIC - Quality System”.

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