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Gorlovsky Engineering Works opposes smoking


On February 1st, the employees, who supported the poor habit, were offered to give up smoking and exchange their cigarettes for candies during one day. A lot of employees left willingly their cigarettes: “Our health is a ticket to success in private life as well as any other areas. I have a desire to give up smoking and the campaigners help us to put it into life…” – said Artyom, turning and boring operator, with12-year smoking experience.

“I’m not smoking and always support those persons, who promote healthy lifestyle. It is important not to go to limits – too many candies are also harmful”, – admits 19-year old Anna, GEW employee.

The main idea of this campaign is to reduce the amount of smokers among the Works employees and engaging all the employees of Works at this fight against smoking. Medical staff of Works health unit handed in the prompt cards about the smoking hazards to those smokers, who were not ready to refuse from their cigarettes.

Works management supports these positive initiatives and contributes in healthy lifestyle promotion among their engineering workers. For instance, throughout the Works site special smoking zones were organized and in non-smoking areas, special restrictive plates were installed as well as the strict control over these rules was introduced.

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