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From Lvov to Transbaikalia: Mining Machines united mines of Ukraine and Russia


The third annual conference held under the auspices of Mining Machines was visited by more than 80 mining experts from the largest coal, iron ore and potassium mining companies from Ukraine and Russia. The interesting agenda with important reports prepared by the organizers and possibility to get recommendations from equipment designers and manufactures attracted a lot of specialists from such remote regions as Krasnoyarsk, Urals and Transbaikalia. According to them it was worth to cover such a distance and to fight jet-lag to exchange the experience of operation and maintenance of modern mining equipment.

To begin the conference with the report about implementing of suggestions voiced during last conference has become a good tradition. For instance, miners from DTEK Rovenkiantracite suggested to reinforce the plate and BSP bracket fixing in the KSh1KGU. Thank to recommendations from Makeyevugol the KDK500 machine has got new design of energy unit with short circuitor instead of breaker.

"The miners can see that such a dialog for us means improvement of our products. All suggestions are taken into account and give start to serious work for our designers and engineers. As a rule these remarks are important, because miners always speak to the point and we take them into account. That is why let's thank them for active participation. We can achieve much together", - Igor Fomenko, SIC Mining Machines Sales and Marketing Director said.

The session on the open-pit equipment was a new in 2012. In particular the programme of rotary excavators modernization was presented, which awoke interest of SUEK representatives. Miners and experts of SIC Mining Machines discussed issues of current work and maintenance service of equipment (BSLs, spreaders, conveyors etc) manufactured by the company. 

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