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For the 50th Anniversary of UK Krasnolimanskaya State-Owned Company


As a result of the scheduled plans' implementation Krasnolimanskaya Mine became to some degree our test polygon and controller estimating created new technical solutions and equipment on the part of the coal mining industry.

Main samples of the following new equipment have been tested and operated at the mine in recent years:

· 4L-1200 conveyor (4x250 kW drive, delivered by Donetskgormash OJSC);

· VCD31.5 M3 compact fan;

· R-70 diesel locomotive (delivered by Druzhkovsky Engineering Factory OJSC);

· Reconstructed C3x2.2 mine hoisting machine with increased rope capacity;

· Explosion-proof system of frequency variable drive of mine hoisting machine (delivered by UkrNIIVE Institute);

· 2KDDl hydraulic props, with the use of new types of hydraulic seals (delivered by Druzhkovsky Engineering Factory OJSC).

Deliveries of equipment produced by our plants in lots to Krasnolimanskaya Mine increased considerably simultaneously with introduction of new samples of equipment.

Z.G. Pasternak made a great contribution to organization of the above tasks' implementation and he was their ideological leader and mover.

At present, the mine headed by Z.G. Pasternak started fulfilling a set of works on its reconstruction. It was planned to commission the second start-up complex at 845 m level and start penetrating two seams at 1,137 m level, where the seam 2.5÷3.0 m thick is unique as to thickness for Ukraine.

Mining Machines SIC CJSC plans to make its own contribution to solve these tasks in near future, namely to deliver two powered face equipment sets with new high capacity shearer of KDK-500Sh type and 3DT roof support.

Implementation of these plans can be referred worthily to solving the task on commissioning of Krasnolimanskaya-Glubokaya Mine - one of the first-born of the third millennium. We hope that this result will be also achieved at the expense of our production and technical cooperation strengthening and development.

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