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First night from SIC Mining Machines: fuss around A traveling to coal-mine movie


"The movie A traveling to coal-mine got warm welcome. Children with parents, schoolchildren and students, veteran-miners had a great impression. "I hope that our movie will contribute a little to make a miner profession more popular among young generation. Maybe some of spectators will be a miner or an engineer in future", - Igor Fomenko, the SIC Mining Machine Sales and Marketing director said.

The tunneling machine KPD - a record holder of Ukraine regarding speed of heading was the most attractive among 40 units in the Mining Machines exposition. Valery Ryabokon, a face-miners' foreman of UPR3 section of Yuzhnodonbasskoe N1 coal mines administration who made this record used the opportunity to make a a picture near the machine. Face-miners are going to break new records using equipment of SIC Mining Machines.

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