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Druzhkivka Council of Directors Discusses Urgent Issues

Druzhkivka Council of Directors Discusses Urgent Issues

The council, which gathers together the top managers of Druzhkivka industrial companies, is an important event in the life of the town, as it has become the major platform for exchanging experience and the body that solves social, economic and communal problems in Druzhkivka.

Volodymyr Dakhov organised a tour around the plant and the mechanical support repairing facilities; he emphasised the importance of providing high quality service to miners under the conditions of the financial and economic crisis.

Oleksandr Nikulin, the head of the Production Management Department, spoke about the peculiarities of the operation and the potential of the new repairing facilities. He said: “To renew the old machinery is as difficult as to manufacture the new one. A mechanical support taken from the longwall should be disassembled and diagnosed; all worn parts should be removed and new parts should be manufactured and installed instead”.

Volodymyr Dakhov also told the visitors about the company’s service facilities in Horlivka and Kamensk-Shakhtinskii in Russia and said that Corum Druzhkovskiy Mining Equipment Repair Plant does not only renew mechanical supports, but also conducts repairs of shear frames, working in production cooperation with the plant in Horlivka.

According to Volodymyr Dakhov, our services are pressing now more than ever: a lot of mining companies have got to fight to their survival by reducing their production costs, and high quality repair, instead of buying new machinery, is becoming the most optimal way out of the difficult situation for them, which also provides employment to machine-builders during the crisis. The members of the council noted that in such a way Corum had realised an old dream of Ukrainian miners: to repair their worn machinery at the manufacturing plants.

Then the plant directors presented their anti-crisis cases and discussed possibilities of their influence on the social and economic situation in the town.

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