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Donetskgormach brings up New Generation of specialists


Eight students turned into real workers of Donetskgormach for the next two month. Till the end of March they will be mastering their skills under guidance of experienced mentors. The Works hosted graduates who will soon face a challenge: how to lead future life and where to implement all the gained knowledge. During the field training at SIC Mining Machines asset, students will perform different production tasks, manufacturing parts for equipment by Donetskgormach.

Trainees’ tool is drilling, milling and turning machine DIP 300. Some students learn how to program multifunctional machining units, other students learn how to machine shaft and wheel or how to turn cup and cover for belt conveyors. The work is interesting and difficult at the same time!

Diligence and strict compliance to process specifications will result into fair bonus to the study allowance.

“We give the students an opportunity not only to practice their trade, but also to know how it feels to make an honest living using skills and knowledge they possess. We hope after graduation they will come to our work at our company and to carry on its traditions,” says Alexander Pavlenko, the mentor. The students admit it is a good opportunity to learn and to earn.

“We need young, energetic and clever workers who are willing to cope with challenges and striving to succeed. Today machine building is a hi-tech industry offering wide opportunities,” says Anna Adom, HR and Corporate Communications Director. “Our company is an elaborate mechanism sensitive to the slightest economic change. We managed to keep our engineering potential and compete successfully with our peers within Ukrainian and abroad. SIC Mining Machines is willing to offer workplaces and to promote career growth for those specialists who will go hand-in-hand with us,” Anna Adom highlights.

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