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“Dialogue between Miners and Machine Builders” was Constructive and Productive


The issues on efficiency of up-to-date mining equipment operation and opportunity of maximum efficient coal extraction taking into account mining and geological conditions were discussed at the conference. In addition, Mining Machines SIC represented a new structure - “Service Company - Mining Machines”.

AleksandrShcherbakov, Director of “Service Company” underlined that due to system work with clients the Company will provide its partners with qualitative permanent warranty service, which will allow increasing the technical and mechanical readiness factor and saving considerably partners' resources for equipment maintenance.

Representatives of the coal mining companies noted the efficient work of the conference. According to Sergey Grekhov, Head of Mining Equipment Technical Inspection and Repair Department of DTEK Pavlogradugol PJSC, such actions of Mining Machines SIC lead to solutions, due to which equipment quality is increased and miners' work is made easier. “The conference can be really called as a dialogue between miners and machine builders. We are glad to see that all questions asked at the previous conference were not disregarded and it rendered a full report on the solutions. All our remarks were taken into account and now, understanding the format of the conference, we shall be more serious in preparation to the next meeting”, Sergey Grekhov underlined.

Summarizing the conference results, ValeriyShepelevich, Head of Coal Industry Department of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining Industry of Ukraine, noted that the similar format will allow determining more clearly directions of machine builders' work, because remarks and wishes of miners will be taken into account at all stages of mining equipment creation: from design and upgrading to systematic control of operation and has a positive effect on the coal mining industry as a whole. 

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