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Development of Engineering and technical center - key project of Mining Machines Group


"We have great hopes for Engineering and technical Center and its specialists. This is our key project which results in serious push to the overall company development", - Yevgeniy Romashchin underlined.

Viktor Kuchma, ETC general director: "We intentionally build a company which becomes reliable and responsible employer. We adopted the comprehensive programme of Engineering and Technical Center personnel training in 2011. It includes: mastering special software applications, development of management skills, visiting important international fairs, special training. Post-graduate university courses for promising young employees".

Today Mining Machines ETC employs 104 people.

Mining machines company is planning to use its own Engineering and Technical Center (ETC) to make comprehensive solutions for underground and surface mining. It was reported by Yevgeniy Romashchin the Mining Machines general director at the first conference for Engineering and Technical Center staff in Donetsk on December 10.

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